The Most Affordable & Accessible Tuning Solution with Reliability

 Originating in Fair lawn NJ, Racecraft Research is an up and coming premiere auto tuning specialty group independently operating out of our affiliate Jay’s garage in Englewood NJ. RCR is brain child of C.O.O. Master Mechanic JD Lee and C.E.O. Enzo Lee stemming from prior ownership of Vehicle Repair Specialist LLC, Inspiring the owners to diversify and meet the needs of the auto tuning market.

 Co-Founder JD Lee serves as the master mechanic, He is L1 ASE Credited and fully certified all ASE categories. JDs’ inherent passion and enthusiasm for cars rendered his efforts locally famous for tuning and automotive pursuits, with providing evolutionary pin point diagnostic technique and solutions. Every vehicle left our doors whether it was Bentley, Ferrari or Mustang became a priceless asset. Leaving our mark of guaranteed satisfaction on every one of the 300-400 jobs per month that left our establishment.

 Racecraft Research operates under the precept “Nothing is Impossible”. This principle supports our fundamental mission to cater not only to the regular public, but also business institutions such as mechanic /tuning shops, new/used auto dealerships, and other seeking automotive inspiration. With the knowledge and experience behind us, Racecraft Research is confident in undertaking any endeavor with perseverance and trust backing all our future business relationships.




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